10 Effective Lead Generation Tactics

It has become very clear to businesses that effective digital marketing and a strong internet presence is the best way to get more quality leads and customers.  With this in mind, your business may build a good website and set up social media accounts on a couple of different platforms to help promote it.  You might even hire an SEO expert to make sure your company’s website is optimized so that it has good rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPS).  However, a good, quality website that ranks well in the search results and acquires decent traffic may not be delivering a high volume of quality leads.

This is mainly because of how people use the internet.  Users may enter a search query into Google and check multiple results, spending a limited time on each website.  In fact, the average visitor will only stay on your website for about 15 seconds before leaving according to an article from Time.  Most of the time, these users that bounce from your website within the first 15 seconds never return.  Simply getting people to your website does not automatically translate into leads and new customers.

When users are looking for brands that provide a specific product or service, they are looking for something from the brand that is valuable to them.  Remember, consumers can make a choice between multiple brands that offer the same products or services which is why they look for value beyond just the product or service offered from the brand.  Your company can generate leads more effectively by creating and promoting content that has value to your customers, and this starts with building an email list of current and prospective customers that you can reach out to.

Email marketing and building an email list is not that easy.  Just asking those who visit your website to subscribe to a newsletter or email list is not very effective.  Once again, customers will only give an email address for these types of lists if they believe there is real value in adding themselves to the list.  The best way to build your company’s email list so you can generate more effective leads and acquire new customers is to entice them to sign up with an offer known as a lead magnet.

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are promotional offers from a brand in which a brand will have a special offer that a customer can receive in exchange for their email address or other personal information.  This is a highly effective way to increase interest in your brand and generate quality sales leads from those who see value in supporting your brand.  There are many types of lead magnets your company can use to acquire more customers online and generate more leads.  An affective lead magnet has the following characteristics:

  • High perceived value: As discussed above, your audience is more likely to respond to an offer if they perceive the offer to have value. It is important for companies to understand their audience to know what types of things their audience values.  This will look different between industries.
  • Instant gratification: Whether looking for a product or service, online consumers are really seeking instant gratification to a want, need, or problem. A lead magnet that can provide this type of instant gratification will be very effective for building email lists.
  • Demonstrate your value: Your company’s lead magnets should show that value of your product or service to help convince your audience that they are better off doing business with you instead of a competitor.

Using enticing lead magnets as part of your lead generation strategy will help increase brand awareness and build trust among your audience.  You will be able to draw in new customers more easily by giving them something of value in exchange for their email address which will help you build your list of prospective customers and increase your opportunities for lead generation.

Lead Generation Strategies

As discussed above, lead magnets can take many forms to help build customer lists and generate quality leads.  The following are examples of lead magnets that you should consider incorporating into your company’s lead generation strategies.

  • Samples: Offering a sample of your product or service is a great way to demonstrate the value of what your company offers and give your audience the instant gratification they are seeking. However, this offer may not work for all products or services.
  • Training Videos: Videos get more engagement online than any other medium. People are especially eager for videos that can help them solve a problem, such as how to videos.  Offering these types of videos is a great way to reach out to your audience and build trust.
  • Templates: Offering a template of some sort that your audience can use to complete a task is a great way to engage them and show your brand’s value. These templates can be for infographics, websites, proposals, or anything that inspires your audience to be creative.
  • Free Trials: Offering a free trial of a product or service allows you to demonstrate the value of your brand with very little commitment from your audience. This is a common lead magnet used in the tech industry, but this tactic can also be used effectively in other industries.
  • Quizzes: Quizzes are a great interactive way to get your audience engaged with your brand. Users may find these quizzes to be enjoyable and informative and they have a relatively high lead generation rate.
  • Case Studies: Case studies from real customers concerning your brand’s product or service can help convince your audience of the value of what your company offers.  You can create case studies in many forms including write-ups and video testimonials.
  • Coupons/ Discounts: Offering coupons or codes for a discount is a great incentive for your audience to try your products or services. This type of offer can also help convince those who are looking between different brands to try yours.
  • Free Software: If your company offers any type of software, let your audience try if for free in exchange for their contact information. Any type of software that your audience would find useful can be effective.
  • Checklist: Putting together a simple checklist involving your brand can help your company stand out with something your audience will find useful.
  • Webinars: Creating a webinar can engage your audience and educate them with valuable information. Getting through an entire webinar is a commitment, so those who make it through your company’s webinar are quality leads.

Getting your business online with a new website and social media profiles is the easy part.  Acquiring new customers and generating quality leads is the more difficult aspect of digital marketing.  By utilizing the lead generation strategies discussed above to build an email list of your company’s audience, you will be able to attract the right customers to your brand which will result in higher quality lead generation.

If you believe that your company needs help generating leads to build your brand online, you can enlist the help of digital marketing agencies that provide lead generation services.  These marketing professionals will take the time to understand your brand and your company’s marketing goals and help create and implement lead marketing strategies that will bring you new customers and increase your volume of relevant, quality sales leads.

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