Backlinks – How Important Are They?

Backlinks and SEO go together naturally. It’s not possible to have one be successful without the other. As a result, all conversations based on SEO involve backlinks in some way.

It isn’t really surprising that it’s virtually impossible to rank if you don’t have backlinks in possible. What you may wonder, though, is why backlinks are so important. What makes them so crucial to ranking in organic searches and how can they possibly boost a page from obscurity on page 35 or SERPs to page one?

Keep in mind, while backlinks are crucial (and you can learn why here) not all backlinks are created equally. It’s important that you take time to optimize the anchor text, as well. A great way to do this is by using an anchor text guide.

Keep reading to find out why backlinks are a crucial part of any SEO strategy.

Backlinks Help Google Find New Pages

The easiest way to understand why backlinks are so important is to understand Google spiders. The spiders use the backlinks to find, evaluate, and then index pages on a website.

Put simply, the more backlinks your site has, the more likely you are going to be found by searchers. This results in faster indexing, higher rankings, faster. Because the backlinks are the navigation tool used by Google, creating many of them going to your website is going to improve the time it takes for the SEO to work properly.


Backlinks Serve as a Reputation Management Tool for Google

While it’s close, Google isn’t human. While the algorithm is made and managed by real people, the software doesn’t have the same human brain. While this may have advantages, it makes Google, essentially, play catch-up when trying to figure out what sites are worthy of the higher rankings.

This is where backlinks come in.

In addition to leading people to your website, backlinks are also a reputation tool used by Google. Because the primary goal is to ensure searchers find the best results possible for their search, Google isn’t going to point searchers toward a site that isn’t visited by anyone.

A better option is to point the searcher to a popular website. If a site is popular, it means it has a great reputation and that the site is trusted.


Boost Credibility with Relevant Backlinks

In addition to Google trying to show the highest quality result for a search query, backlinks also boost a site’s credibility. If you create backlinks on sites that aren’t relevant to your site or topic, it’s going to damage your reputation and credibility.

By collecting backlinks from any location you can find, especially an irrelevant one isn’t going to help. In fact, this may even have the opposite effect and result in a penalty from Google.

Backlinks are a Must

If you want to ensure your website is successful and that Google likes it, you have to use backlinks. Without backlinks, you may struggle to get much traction in SERPs and remain buried in obscurity anywhere but page one (which is where you want to be). 


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