10 Gadgets That You (And Your Kids) Will Love This Year

The world of technology is immensely fast-paced. Just when you think designers and scientists have “out-tech’d” themselves, a tonne of new awesome gadgets hit the shelves. I don’t know about you, but I already feel like I’m in a Bond movie, or that I am living out a scene from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. But, reading about all the new gadgets set to launch this year, I realise I haven’t seen anything yet.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest tech advancements coming our way in 2018. So, get ready – your kids will be stoked too.

10 Gadgets Coming In 2018

  1. Hyperkin Ultra Game Boy

Its happening! Hyperkin is making the #ultragameboy Thank you #hyperkin

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In gaming, it’s the age of revival; NES and SNES retro consoles are coming back to stores near us and are selling out fast. It’s no surprise, then, that Hyperkin is releasing its own version of the Game Boy classic – currently called the Ultra Game Boy until final production.

The Ultra Game Boy will be a step up from the original Nintendo Game Boy. It will have better-placed buttons and the ability to adjust the backlit LCD display. (For the ultimate retro Game Boy experience, you can turn the LCD display off altogether.) It will also have a whopping 6 hours of battery life, 2 stereo speakers to up the gaming experience and a steely aluminium casing, meaning it is way more durable than our old friends from the 80s and 90s.

Although the final design has yet to be unveiled, it is due to launch later this year. RRP is predicted to be around $125 AUD. Get ready to be fighting over this gadget with your kids!

2. Smacircle S1 Folding eBike

This gadget is so 2018. Dubbed “the world’s most compact and lightweight foldable eBike,” the Smacircle S1 weighs only 15.4 lbs (around 6.8 kg). You can fold it up in 5 easy steps and put it in your backpack. You can even lock it with your smartphone!

This is a great gadget for me because I love to cycle as much as I can, but the hassle of having a bike in the city sometimes puts me off. I will certainly be making the most of the Smacircle (and I’m sure my kids will want one too).

The Smacircle S1 has experienced been confronted with some obstacles in its production, and the creators are asking prospective customers and curious fans (like myself) to wait another half a year for its release. Saying that, you can still preorder it on Indiegogo for $900 USD (around $1,220 UAD).

3. LinkSquare

LinkSquare is one of the gadgets I am most excited about this year. It is a handheld device that can identify everything and anything.

It uses near-infrared spectroscopy to scan materials, foods or anything composed in a physical form – solid or liquid – and tell you what it is. If you can’t understand the purpose of this, just think of its use in the kitchen. Its ability to identify all types of food will add ease to your day-to-day life.

LinkSquare says, “You can check the quality of food, verify the veracity of product information, assess plant growth, and explore so many things around you”. 

With the LinkSquare you can educate your children on materials around them. In terms of safety, the LinkSquare can identify counterfeit drugs and medications. In terms of quality, the LinkSquare can measure the quality of luxury goods. As LinkSqaure says, “the possibilities are endless”.

LinkSquare is available to buy now. You can buy the basic package for $549 USD (approximately $621 AUD) or the Professional (SDK) Package for $3,999 USD (approximately $5,410 AUD).

4. Fenix AR Augmented-Reality Helmet


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Now, this gadget is overdue. Not something for kids, exactly, but it makes their future look bright in terms of road safety.

The Fenix AR Augmented-Reality Helmet by Scully Technologies is the smartest helmet in the world, enhancing safety as a well as optimal connectivity. This artificial intelligence technology features a rear-view camera, smartphone integration with Bluetooth, anti-fog visor, heads-up display, voice control, turn-by-turn navigation and hands-free music controls.

What’s more, this helmet is made out of a fibre carbon shell, meaning it is lighter and more durable than normal helmets. It will certainly revolutionise motorbike safety and technology.

If you’re interested in this gadget, you can preorder it now for $1,899 USD (approximately $2,570 AUD). Shipping will commence this summer (2018).

5. IMEC EEG Headset

In other news that I couldn’t even predict, there is a now a headset that can measure your emotional state. The EEG Headset from the IMEC and Holst research centre in Belgium uses breakthrough neuro technology to measure emotional and cognitive brain function. This is set to majorly advance learning applications, with the ability to improve your memory, enhance emotions through matching music to your mood, and even aid therapeutic processes.

The IMEC EEG Headset is still in the earlier stages of development, so pricing and the launch date has not yet been announced. Stay tuned for this one!

6. Whirlpool Smart Fridge

Set to revolutionise your kitchen is the Whirlpool Smart Fridge. The WRFA94CIHN model is so smart it can tell you how long you should marinade your meat. It features an Amazon Integration button so you never run out of groceries and has advanced settings which allow to you clean it easily.

The Whirlpool Smart Fridge helps make family life that little bit easier. The WRFA94CIHN model is launching this year for around $4,400 USD. However, it’s unknown whether it’ll be available in Australia. 

7. Samsung’s The Wall 146-inch TV

It’s every kid’s dream – a humongous at-home television. The Samsung ‘The Wall’ TV is a whopping 146 inches wide – practically cinema sized. It is the world’s first Modular MicroLED TV.

But, before you go showing this to your children, beware that there has been no information announced regarding availability or pricing. All we know is that it’s set to land sometime this year. Fingers crossed!

8. Sony Aibo

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A gadget that your kids will be beyond themselves with excitement about is the Sony Aibo 2018 Robot Dog. 

This incredible piece of technology features artificial intelligence which allows it to recognise different family members. Also, with its wireless cloud connectivity it can store all the lessons it learns so continues to advance. Its movements and actions/reactions are so similar to that of a real dog – it’s mind-blowing!

Availability and pricing for these gadgets have not yet been announced, but I predict that when it launches it’ll shake up the world.

9. ​Olympus Tough TG-5​ Waterproof Camera​

Something that I know my family will really get excited about is the Olympus Tough TG-5 Waterproof Camera – the most advanced of its kind.

This camera can take high-resolution images up to 50 feet under water and can capture 4K video. Its features includes WiFi connectivity and a built-in thermometer. As the name suggests, the Olympus TG-5 is tougher than most and is completely crushproof. It takes underwater photography to the next level, and allows amateurs the chance to snap their memories.

You can buy this camera at specialised stores in Australia, or online for around $249 AUD.

10. Toto Floating Tub

“Floating” has been an emerging trend over the past few years. Now, US brand Toto has designed the Flotation Tub which you can use at home. Never before has a ‘taking a bath’ been more luxurious.

Flotation tubs are a sensory immersive experience that simulate the feeling of floating in space. This Zero Dimension bathtub’s technology means that jets lift your body off the floor of the tub and so you feel like you’re weightless. This sensation creates the ultimate zen experience, perfect for relaxation and creating calm. ‘Floating’ is also good for physical healing and muscle repair.

Toto’s stunning marble tub also has surrounding LED lights which creates an interstellar ambience. If you want to switch off from the world and indulge in ultimate calm, the Toto Floating Tub will be a welcome addition to your bathroom. It’ll become one of the gadgets you won’t be able to live without.

This particular tub will set you back around $24,000 AUD, but if you’re interested you’ll only have to wait until the end of this year to get one.


Which of these gadgets on this list are you most excited about?

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