Best Holiday Marketing Strategies

The holiday season is here – a favorite time of year for customers and businesses.  The positive emotions and raised spirits that many people feel during the holiday season present a great opportunity for businesses and marketers to capitalize on their marketing strategies.  People are already prepared to buy during the holiday shopping season and with an effective marketing strategy, your business can tap into the spirit of the holiday and increase leads and sales.  This guide discusses the importance of effective holiday marketing strategies as well as tips to maximize your marketing efforts this holiday season.

Why Holiday Marketing Is Important

One of the major goals with any marketing strategy is to connect with your audience on an emotional level.  The holidays are the perfect time of year to tap into the positive emotions and elevated spirits of your customers.  By appealing to their emotions, you can foster a deep connection that will make your company appear more credible and trustworthy.  Using visuals and texts that are holiday related are a highly effective way to catch the eyes of your customers.

However, you cannot simply fill your marketing campaign with traditional imagery and holiday clichés.  You must have a well-defined holiday marketing strategy that relates your products and services to the emotions that your audience experiences during the holidays.  Remember, a lot of companies are also capitalizing on the spirit of the holidays to get more business, including your competitors.  The trick is to form a marketing strategy that successfully taps into the holiday spirit, but also lets your business stand out.  This starts with identifying the specific holidays and events that your target audience values.

Relating Holidays and Events to your Target Audience

There are many different holidays in November and December, including Thanksgiving, St. Nicholas Day, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Years.  This presents your business with plenty of marketing opportunities, but it is not realistic to incorporate every holiday or event into your marketing strategy.  You must determine which of these events and holidays are the most important to your target audience so you can define your marketing approach.

  • Consider your country/ region: Different countries or regions may celebrate different holidays, and even the same holiday is celebrated differently in different regions. Consider which holidays are celebrated in the region in which you market, as well as holiday traditions specific to that region.
  • Consider buyer personas: Your target audience may consist of one or several different buyer personas. If your audience consists of multiple personas, incorporate holidays or events that appeal to all of them.  You can also break it down further and develop slightly differing strategies to appeal to each subset of your audience.
  • Work within your resources: Companies with large marketing teams can handle more comprehensive holiday marketing strategies that incorporate many different holidays and events for multiple subsets of their audience. Smaller marketing teams will have to focus on the holidays and events most important to their target audience.  If your company does not have the resources to implement an effective holiday marketing strategy, you can benefit from working with a digital marketing agency. 

Tips for an Effective Holiday Marketing Strategy

Your company should start planning for the holiday season early so that you have a marketing strategy ready to go when the time comes.  Once you have determined which specific holidays and events are most important to your audience, it’s time to put your holiday marketing strategy together.

The following tips will help you form an effective marketing strategy for the holidays:

  • Tap into emotions: As discussed above, people are more emotional during the holidays and they make their purchasing decisions based on emotions. Tap into the emotions of the holiday season being displayed by your target audience, including feelings of friendship, giving, gratitude, good will, and family bonding.
  • Use multiple online channels: Most holiday shopping is done online which makes it important to reach your audience through online channels. Start by determining which online channels are most effective for reaching your audience.  Are they responsive to email marketing?  Are they active on social media?  If so, which platforms are they most active with?  Your social media marketing strategy must be catered to the specific platforms.  Making sure your website is highly optimized is also beneficial.  An SEO company can help ensure your website is optimized to drive more traffic.
  • Create contests and giveaways: Contests and giveaways are effective marketing strategies any time of year, but they can really capture the attention of your audience during the holidays. A holiday themed contest or giveaway will tap into the holiday spirit of your audience and raise awareness of your brand.  There are so many possibilities when it comes to contests and giveaways.  Be creative and be sure to consider the behaviors and interests of your target audience.

  • Make your content sharable: People largely make purchasing decisions based on word of mouth. This means that if someone sees your content shared by a friend or someone they trust, they are more likely to take the desired action.  Examples of sharable content include videos, memes, and infographics that can be shared easily on social media.  Make sure your sharable content is branded and contains social buttons so it can be shared easily.
  • Keep your content consistent: It is important for your holiday marketing campaign to be focused and consistent across all of your channels. Your users should get the same experience with your brand whether they are on your website, interacting on social media, or receiving your emails.  Your branding, message, and offers must stay consistent to resonate with your audience.
  • Segment your marketing approach: Every business has their brand loyal customers and their more casual customers who make sporadic or one-time purchases. It is very important to cater to each of these segments with your holiday campaign.  Offering a special deal or discount to your loyal customers during the holidays makes them feel appreciated.  Developing a marketing strategy that appeals to your more casual customers during the holidays can help turn them into loyal customers.

Your business has a great opportunity during the holidays to tap into the positive emotions that your audience is already experiencing to help build a stronger bond between your audience and your brand.  Some in-depth research of your audience will help you understand the holidays and events that they value and which online channels they use the most, so you can streamline your holiday marketing strategy.  Delivering a consistent and personalized message will best capture the attention of your audience this holiday season.  If your business needs extra help creating and implementing a holiday marketing strategy, you can enlist the help of a professional digital marketing agency.

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