3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Licensed Software

When it comes to using computer software, businesses can sometimes overlook the importance of using licensed software. This can be due to business owners not being aware of the laws around software licensing and the repercussions of breaking those laws.

If you’re unsure about what constitutes software licensing and the regulations around it, here are three reasons why it’s so important for your business to have it.

3 reasons why you should use licensed software

1. You won’t be breaking the law

It is a legal requirement to have licensed software for your computer. If you have stolen software you will breach copyright laws; businesses will be prosecuted or fined.

It’s important to note that most software licenses are single-user only, so if it is detected that more than one person is using the same software, your software license can be revoked, and your account could be deactivated. Therefore, you should choose the right software for your business.

licensed software

2. You will save money

Software often comes with a single-user license, but these can be used across multiple devices so long as they are owned and used by one individual. (Be sure to refer to the specific terms and conditions to confirm this.) It is against the law to redistribute software, or for multiple people to use it.

Therefore, businesses that use single-user software are breaking the law. Instead of purchasing multiple single-user licences, the best option is to invest in a multi-user package. This is called volume licensing; it will save large businesses a lot of money.

For instance, you can purchase Microsoft Office Professional 2013 with one license for around $299.99 USD, or buy a multi-user license that covers two PCs for approximately $449.00 USD, which works out cheaper.

3. You will receive round-the-clock support

Credible licensed software comes with 24/7 tech support, and this is essential.  Whatever problem you face you can rest easy knowing you can get assistance quickly. It is a waste of money to purchase software without support.

The terms for each computer software may differ, so make sure you delve deep into the terms and conditions before making your decision.

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